Sunday, May 31, 2015

Love You Like You Do

Fifty shades of burning grey,
Covers the sky with smoke and mirrors.
It hunts for a soul that will heal its own,
On fifty shades of grey.

Cruel Beauty

Cruel destiny the beautiful one has,
A beast is withering in his own curse.
The beauty cannot speak or learn of the beauty within the beast,
Yet the beauty is determine to find the rose to his heart.

The beast who gave his heart to time,
The beauty who fades day by day.
They met under the twelve stars at night,
Dancing away into the burning path of hell.

Crimson Bound

The stars are bright every night,
There are many stairs into everywhere.
The moon glows in the dark,
There is many keys to many doors.

I am crimson bound to my destiny,
Do not speak of who we shall not name.
Do not fall in love with your guide,
Just remember who you trust will determine your destiny.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


To always be there for one person.
To always love that one person.
To give them our forever.
To give them our eternality.

Heart might be broken,
By our every step towards that one person.
Love isn't forever,
But body and soul are forever.

Promises are meant to be broken,
Like the sun breaking pass the clouds.
You might not always be there,
But I am your shadow to the horizon.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Give Me A Chance

Hold me tight.
Love me now.
Give me a chance to be your lover.
Give me a chance to be your soulmate.

Once in a while, you show me signs.
Once in a while, you show me love.
Once in a while, you hold me tight.
Maybe once in a lifetime, you should give me a chance.

The time is now.
Just give me a chance.
To show you a world that you never seen before.
Just give me a chance.

Just give me a chance.
To show you I am worth it.
Just give me a chance.
To show you that I love you.

Just give me a chance.
To show you love like never before.
Just give me a chance.
Before I go away...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last Breath

The dreams are pulling my arms,
I am entangle within the dreams that haunts me.
The string that is around my neck,
Pulls and pulls until I am at my very last breath.

I am barely breathing,
I am barely holding on.
Before I close my eyes,
I gave you my last breath.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Broken Song

When the rain falls you smile at me,
When the sun shines you believe in me.
Soon you held me in your arms,
You whisper in my ear the words that say you care.

When the wind blows you kiss my head,
When the star falls you tug me in.
As you held me in your arms,
Your body warmth transfer to me.

When the moon rises you look into the sky,
You wish upon the stars that you were never mine.
The midnight breeze blew your hair,
You let go of my arms.

Slowly we fell apart,
As you went back to the place where we were never together.
But before you went back,
I gently gave you a goodbye kiss.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Frozen Heart

Is there something you would like to say to me?
Why do you always look at me?
With your beautiful brown color eyes.
Why do you have to be so sweet?
With your cherry red lips.

As the snow covers the road,
I can still find you.
You and your bright colors,
You and your loneliness.
It all stands out to me.

You no longer look at me,
You no longer talk to me.
It was as if nothing ever happened,
The memories are erased by the snow.

Goodbye, my little white dove.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Maze Within Me

Life isn't always fill with happiness.
There are times when something small can hurt you.
Words hurt more than action.
Once you are hurt,
There is no way back.

Growing up under the pressure from your parents haven't been easy. You tried to please your parents in every way possible but that becomes a hard thing to do when nothing seems to please them anymore. 
Someone once told me "when the rain pours, it will wash away all of your sadness. Just remember there is always the sun behind the clouds."
What happen if the sun isn't there?
Then what will I do?

Right now, there is no sun guiding me through the darkness. The rain doesn't wash away my sadness or my pain. 
I am lost in the maze that is build inside of me.
There is no way out.

The sun is gone. The stars are hidden behind the darkness. 

Nothing can save me from this pain that I am feeling.
No one can lead the way.

As I step barefoot onto the path filled with thorns,
I bleed as I tried to escape from the maze that goes on forever.

Who can save me?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blue Bird

Blue bird, little blue bird.
Why are you so blue?
Are you sad?
Are you happy?
Why aren't you answering, blue bird?

Blue bird, little blue bird.
Who stole your heart?
Is he a great king?
Is he special?

Oh blue bird...
Why are you so blue?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Life is just a sad love story. 
If it is, then why bother living? 
Why bother breathing, when every single breath you take hurts? 
Why bother to cry, when there is no more tears left? 
Why bother to smile, when you are bleeding inside? 
If only you knew why...
then maybe you would look me in the eyes.


A rose has many thorns...
A person has many flaws...
A bird has many feathers...
A song has many stories...

Tears fall down 
My heart starts to beat (when I think of you) 
My heart cries 
My world falls apart 
Rain falls in my heart 
Today and tomorrow will be like yesterday 
Tears fall down like rain (like rain) 
It’s still raining 
This night is never ending, so lately 
These days, my tears fall like rain It’s raining right now

This song tells many stories... 
If only you open your ears and listen... 
you'll hear my heart beating... 
you'll hear my hear bleeding...
 for you 

Song Credit Ailee-Teardrop


Rejection hurts...
Crushing hurts...
Everything in life hurts...
Will you heal?
Will you be able to love again?

When the prince fell in love with Cinderella, his heart beat with happiness.
When she was gone, his heart beat with sadness.
When she told him she loved him, his heart beat with love.
When she told him she would die, his heart beat with hatred.

The heart can feel every single emotion.
So why is the heart gone?

When a young prince had this crush on a beautiful fairy princess, 
he would go see her everyday.
He would tried to get her attention,
after all he did love her in a secret way.

The young prince and the fairy princess spend time together,
the young prince's heart was slowly following the fairy princess.

When the prince ask for the princess's hand,
the princess said sorry, that she can't.

The young prince lost a bit of his heart,
even til this day, the young prince would look at the water where she used to be.

Sadness took over the young prince's heart...
One day he will find his heart again.

Sadness will fly away on the wings of time.

Love & Time

A broken heart will heal in time...
A sad face will go away in time...
Just like love does...
Just like happiness does...

Once upon a time was a little boy, who has the biggest smile on his face. He was happy everyday and he always see the best out of everything. His life is peaceful and everything was right...until he fell in love with a beautiful girl.
It was love at first sight...the girl took his heart with her.
He was happy. She was happy.
He was in love. She was in love.

Love doesn't always last.

They were star-cross lovers.

Love isn't something he thought would hurt...but it did.
It hurts. It shattered his heart into a million of pieces.

She took a piece of his heart when she left.
She was gone...from his life.

He didn't believe it.
He couldn't believe it.

Even as time was still hard.
Because love hurts.

A Deadly Weapon

Finding happiness is never easy. It requires time and effort.
Sometimes what we think is happiness, is the cause of our sadness.
Letting go may lead us to find happiness...or not.

There was a story about this young boy who held onto his sadness. This young boy was growing and getting ready for the outside world. He thought he was doing the right thing by holding to his sadness but he was wrong. This boy got sadder each day.
He held everything inside his mind and his heart. He didn't open up to the girl that cared for him. He held onto the thing that refuses to give him happiness. 
Holding onto the tiny bit of love that he thought was happiness cause the girl to get further away from him. He was losing her. She was confused. She didn't know what's going on. She wish that she could hold him tight and tell him everything is alright. 
She wish she could give him happiness; the happiness he deserve but she couldn't. Her heart was confused. She was lost. She was trapped...behind his smile.
He wishes for love and happiness. He wishes for a better life. He was losing everything...all because he held something deadly.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trailer- Stay With Him

Inspired by Gayle Forman’s If I Stay come a story about two childhood best friend and their journey to discovering the meaning of life.
Seohyun lived a perfect life she had a career as a pianist, an amazing boyfriend and a family that loves her dearly. Then one day a tragic accident brings her to the blink of death. She has to choose…live or die. Memories of the past bring her closer to death but only one thing will save her.

Living isn’t an easy thing but neither is dying. Having to choose between two most important things isn’t something most people have to do.
                If I live, then I will be with Luhan again but how can I continue to live when I have sacrifice so much?
The decision is mine but how can I choose?

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Dear you,
We have been together for a while now. We fought and we love endlessly. The passion in our love can be seen by the naked eye. I know that I am older than you and that sometimes my teasing might bother you. I don’t want to see you cry or be hurt because in the end, my heart bleeds along with yours. As you read this story, I hope you realize the feelings that were hidden and locked inside. I have a lot to tell you but not everything can be express in this one short story and letter. Have you realize that the dark quotes are lyrics to a song? “All of Me” by John Legend. The song represents the feeling of one for the other. Babe, I know that we will last forever and that our love is endless. I hope that you would continue to love me even though I can be recklessly tiring at times with my teasing. Chasing after me is something that you always do and I hope that you won’t ever stop because there is hardship in our path. Those hardship can be overcome by our love. Anything is possible when I am with you. You are special and I love you. Countless times I have said I love you. I know you love me back just as much. Our love is equal and it is a beautiful thing. In the end of the day, I know that I am going back into the comfort of your arms. I don’t want you to ever leave me alone by myself. Even if I can’t see you, I’ll always be with you in a way you’ll never know.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Thousand Year

A Thousand Year

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who fell in love with prince charming. Prince charming stole her heart. In the beginning, she was really happy but the prince never gave her anything in return for giving away her heart. One day, the prince found his princess and he left the poor girl. He took her heart along with him; leaving the young girl nothing behind but emptiness.

The girl seek revenge. She wanted to get back at the prince for hurting her but she couldn't bring herself to harm him. She watched him from afar; looking at him showing love for another girl. She never cried for the prince because her heart was empty.

Even as a thousand year pass, she can still remember the prince.
Even as a thousand year pass, her heart remains empty forever.

A thousand year...a thousand winter. Once broken, remains broken.

Story: Malady Prologue

I was told that I have amber color eyes and crimson red hair. I was beautiful and my mortal mom got jealous of my beauty. She thought my mortal dad would love me more so she made me drink a soup that makes someone lose their eyesight. I never knew she would harm me. After I went blind, she whipped me every night until I scream and cried. One whip came after another until blood ran down her whip. Even then she did not stop.
I heard her taking out a knife and cut my skin open; my face, my arms, my legs and everywhere on my body. She left markings on my skin by burning me. She burned my skin until I cried out in pain.
My father was horrify, he beat mother until she was knocked out. Father carried my body to the hospital and even though the doctors stitch me up, I was no longer beautiful. I heard mother was arrested and put in jail. Soon father hanged himself because of his guilt.
I was left alone and even with the large amount of money. I can never spend it. There was no more meaning to my life. My aunt would come once a while to bring me food and ask for money. I gave her one bill and she would complain but I knew better than to give away all my money.
Soon, I heard my aunt was killed in a fire. Someone burned her house down and killed her. Uncle told me to give money for her funeral, I refused. I told him to pay for it himself. He was angry and he beat me until I bleed. A neighbor heard my scream and called the police. Uncle was arrested and executed.
I was not alone. He was here for me. Every day he comes to me at night to play me a lullaby. He was my Aiden of the Underworld.
Let me tell you the story of how she came to be. The daughter of Zeus and Hera was the ugliest goddess among all but in my eyes she was beautiful.
The gentle wind touched our skin. Her hair covered her face. One that is filled with scars and markings, proof to those horrible beating.
A gentle chirp from the white dove can be heard by her eyes. She smiles. She raises her hands to touch the air that surrounds us. Our heart beats together as one for a while at least. Then my heart slowed down as if to say your time is almost up.
She stood up, barefoot and walked towards the ocean waves. She spins around and her dead amber eyes stared into my moody green ones. She mouthed a few words and into the water; she goes without a single goodbye.
That was the last I seen her. I missed her a lot. Her beautiful amber eyes that was dead. Her scars carried many memories. Her smile told me that she will never remember me. Yeah, it was all her fault. She brought me to the edge of this mountain.
The wind touches my skin and it tingles like it did back then. I had her at least. Now I have nobody. No one to play to. No one to laugh at. My life is now empty because of her. If it wasn’t her then I wouldn’t have been so close to death.
Today was our one year anniversary. She was supposed to be dancing while I play. I can almost see her in the blue color sky. If I jump, would I die? Even if I die, would anyone cared?
I took off my shoes and threw them down. They disappeared into the mountain hills. A white bird flew pass me. It was a white dove. One with beautiful chestnut brown eyes. I followed the bird off the mountain and it leads me back to my shoes. I picked it up and a shadow flicker.
It was her. It had to be her. I stood up tall and looked at the person whose shadow covered mine. The person smiled. It was a cold icy smile that taunts my life. My heart felt like it would stop. It was her. The same person with the dead amber color eyes.
She touched my arm; her fingers icy cold. Her amber color looked into mine. Her long red hair moved with the wind. She moved closer and closer until she was inches away from my chin. I didn’t remember her being so short. I looked down and she smiled. She got on her tippy toes and kissed my lips.
It felt like kissing the ocean waters, there was nothing more to it. I closed my eyes and savor this moment. When I opened them, I was back to where I was before, sitting near the ocean water.
Everything was a dream. She was still next to me, her head resting on my shoulder. Our finger entwined and I looked deep into the water. There was peace in my mind and heart. We are alive and that’s all it matters.
She was my Amber of Olympus.