Sunday, May 31, 2015

Love You Like You Do

Fifty shades of burning grey,
Covers the sky with smoke and mirrors.
It hunts for a soul that will heal its own,
On fifty shades of grey.

Cruel Beauty

Cruel destiny the beautiful one has,
A beast is withering in his own curse.
The beauty cannot speak or learn of the beauty within the beast,
Yet the beauty is determine to find the rose to his heart.

The beast who gave his heart to time,
The beauty who fades day by day.
They met under the twelve stars at night,
Dancing away into the burning path of hell.

Crimson Bound

The stars are bright every night,
There are many stairs into everywhere.
The moon glows in the dark,
There is many keys to many doors.

I am crimson bound to my destiny,
Do not speak of who we shall not name.
Do not fall in love with your guide,
Just remember who you trust will determine your destiny.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


To always be there for one person.
To always love that one person.
To give them our forever.
To give them our eternality.

Heart might be broken,
By our every step towards that one person.
Love isn't forever,
But body and soul are forever.

Promises are meant to be broken,
Like the sun breaking pass the clouds.
You might not always be there,
But I am your shadow to the horizon.