Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last Breath

The dreams are pulling my arms,
I am entangle within the dreams that haunts me.
The string that is around my neck,
Pulls and pulls until I am at my very last breath.

I am barely breathing,
I am barely holding on.
Before I close my eyes,
I gave you my last breath.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Broken Song

When the rain falls you smile at me,
When the sun shines you believe in me.
Soon you held me in your arms,
You whisper in my ear the words that say you care.

When the wind blows you kiss my head,
When the star falls you tug me in.
As you held me in your arms,
Your body warmth transfer to me.

When the moon rises you look into the sky,
You wish upon the stars that you were never mine.
The midnight breeze blew your hair,
You let go of my arms.

Slowly we fell apart,
As you went back to the place where we were never together.
But before you went back,
I gently gave you a goodbye kiss.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Frozen Heart

Is there something you would like to say to me?
Why do you always look at me?
With your beautiful brown color eyes.
Why do you have to be so sweet?
With your cherry red lips.

As the snow covers the road,
I can still find you.
You and your bright colors,
You and your loneliness.
It all stands out to me.

You no longer look at me,
You no longer talk to me.
It was as if nothing ever happened,
The memories are erased by the snow.

Goodbye, my little white dove.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Maze Within Me

Life isn't always fill with happiness.
There are times when something small can hurt you.
Words hurt more than action.
Once you are hurt,
There is no way back.

Growing up under the pressure from your parents haven't been easy. You tried to please your parents in every way possible but that becomes a hard thing to do when nothing seems to please them anymore. 
Someone once told me "when the rain pours, it will wash away all of your sadness. Just remember there is always the sun behind the clouds."
What happen if the sun isn't there?
Then what will I do?

Right now, there is no sun guiding me through the darkness. The rain doesn't wash away my sadness or my pain. 
I am lost in the maze that is build inside of me.
There is no way out.

The sun is gone. The stars are hidden behind the darkness. 

Nothing can save me from this pain that I am feeling.
No one can lead the way.

As I step barefoot onto the path filled with thorns,
I bleed as I tried to escape from the maze that goes on forever.

Who can save me?