Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Rejection hurts...
Crushing hurts...
Everything in life hurts...
Will you heal?
Will you be able to love again?

When the prince fell in love with Cinderella, his heart beat with happiness.
When she was gone, his heart beat with sadness.
When she told him she loved him, his heart beat with love.
When she told him she would die, his heart beat with hatred.

The heart can feel every single emotion.
So why is the heart gone?

When a young prince had this crush on a beautiful fairy princess, 
he would go see her everyday.
He would tried to get her attention,
after all he did love her in a secret way.

The young prince and the fairy princess spend time together,
the young prince's heart was slowly following the fairy princess.

When the prince ask for the princess's hand,
the princess said sorry, that she can't.

The young prince lost a bit of his heart,
even til this day, the young prince would look at the water where she used to be.

Sadness took over the young prince's heart...
One day he will find his heart again.

Sadness will fly away on the wings of time.

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