Saturday, February 14, 2015

Story: Malady Prologue

I was told that I have amber color eyes and crimson red hair. I was beautiful and my mortal mom got jealous of my beauty. She thought my mortal dad would love me more so she made me drink a soup that makes someone lose their eyesight. I never knew she would harm me. After I went blind, she whipped me every night until I scream and cried. One whip came after another until blood ran down her whip. Even then she did not stop.
I heard her taking out a knife and cut my skin open; my face, my arms, my legs and everywhere on my body. She left markings on my skin by burning me. She burned my skin until I cried out in pain.
My father was horrify, he beat mother until she was knocked out. Father carried my body to the hospital and even though the doctors stitch me up, I was no longer beautiful. I heard mother was arrested and put in jail. Soon father hanged himself because of his guilt.
I was left alone and even with the large amount of money. I can never spend it. There was no more meaning to my life. My aunt would come once a while to bring me food and ask for money. I gave her one bill and she would complain but I knew better than to give away all my money.
Soon, I heard my aunt was killed in a fire. Someone burned her house down and killed her. Uncle told me to give money for her funeral, I refused. I told him to pay for it himself. He was angry and he beat me until I bleed. A neighbor heard my scream and called the police. Uncle was arrested and executed.
I was not alone. He was here for me. Every day he comes to me at night to play me a lullaby. He was my Aiden of the Underworld.
Let me tell you the story of how she came to be. The daughter of Zeus and Hera was the ugliest goddess among all but in my eyes she was beautiful.
The gentle wind touched our skin. Her hair covered her face. One that is filled with scars and markings, proof to those horrible beating.
A gentle chirp from the white dove can be heard by her eyes. She smiles. She raises her hands to touch the air that surrounds us. Our heart beats together as one for a while at least. Then my heart slowed down as if to say your time is almost up.
She stood up, barefoot and walked towards the ocean waves. She spins around and her dead amber eyes stared into my moody green ones. She mouthed a few words and into the water; she goes without a single goodbye.
That was the last I seen her. I missed her a lot. Her beautiful amber eyes that was dead. Her scars carried many memories. Her smile told me that she will never remember me. Yeah, it was all her fault. She brought me to the edge of this mountain.
The wind touches my skin and it tingles like it did back then. I had her at least. Now I have nobody. No one to play to. No one to laugh at. My life is now empty because of her. If it wasn’t her then I wouldn’t have been so close to death.
Today was our one year anniversary. She was supposed to be dancing while I play. I can almost see her in the blue color sky. If I jump, would I die? Even if I die, would anyone cared?
I took off my shoes and threw them down. They disappeared into the mountain hills. A white bird flew pass me. It was a white dove. One with beautiful chestnut brown eyes. I followed the bird off the mountain and it leads me back to my shoes. I picked it up and a shadow flicker.
It was her. It had to be her. I stood up tall and looked at the person whose shadow covered mine. The person smiled. It was a cold icy smile that taunts my life. My heart felt like it would stop. It was her. The same person with the dead amber color eyes.
She touched my arm; her fingers icy cold. Her amber color looked into mine. Her long red hair moved with the wind. She moved closer and closer until she was inches away from my chin. I didn’t remember her being so short. I looked down and she smiled. She got on her tippy toes and kissed my lips.
It felt like kissing the ocean waters, there was nothing more to it. I closed my eyes and savor this moment. When I opened them, I was back to where I was before, sitting near the ocean water.
Everything was a dream. She was still next to me, her head resting on my shoulder. Our finger entwined and I looked deep into the water. There was peace in my mind and heart. We are alive and that’s all it matters.
She was my Amber of Olympus.

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