Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Love & Time

A broken heart will heal in time...
A sad face will go away in time...
Just like love does...
Just like happiness does...

Once upon a time was a little boy, who has the biggest smile on his face. He was happy everyday and he always see the best out of everything. His life is peaceful and everything was right...until he fell in love with a beautiful girl.
It was love at first sight...the girl took his heart with her.
He was happy. She was happy.
He was in love. She was in love.

Love doesn't always last.

They were star-cross lovers.

Love isn't something he thought would hurt...but it did.
It hurts. It shattered his heart into a million of pieces.

She took a piece of his heart when she left.
She was gone...from his life.

He didn't believe it.
He couldn't believe it.

Even as time pass...love was still hard.
Because love hurts.

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